Item Description Item Description
Cameras_Icon Cameras
Up to 24 Sony HDC 1000/1500/2500 cameras.
Up to 4 radio camera channels, including Vislink and Cobham wireless equipment.
HDC3300 Supermotion Channels available
Grass Valley LDX-86 available on request
A wide variety of lenses are available: 11:1 wide angle, 14:1, 21:1, 33:1, 62:1, 70:1, 72:1, 76:1,88:,99:1 & 101:1.
Vision Mixer
Sony MVS 8000G 4/ME switcher with 4 keys per M/E.
2.5D Resizers on each keyer
2 Channels of DME
Ample Desk and Rack space allow for easy integration of a variety of sources including Aston 7 and VizRt
Grass Valley Trinix 3G Router
288 inputs and 512 outputs
Grass Valley Apex Audio router
160 stereo inputs and 160 stereo outputs
Madi inputs and outputs which interface to the Studer Vista 9, AES and Analog I/O
Grass Valley Jupiter router control system
Harris QS100 Quad splits on Sony LMD Monitors
Full integration with UMD and Tally
62 displays available in main production monitor wall.
Audio_Icon Audio
Studer Vista 8 audio console
D21 and Compact stage boxes available as required
Spot-On audio playback device on board
Choice of Glensound and Prospect commentary units.
Up to 8 EVS XT3 machines
EVS X-File and IP -Director
Operating Positions for 9 VT Operators
Clearcom Eclipse 128 port talkback matrix with a variety of panels in operational areas
4 Duplex Radio Talkback channels
Remote intercom panels as required
Systembase and Glensound ISDN codecs
Glensound TBU’s
 OB7_Side-300x184 Dimensions
Length 16.8 metres Height 4 metres Width 4.2 metres expanded.
  Power Requirements1 x 125 amp 3 phase feed  

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