Upgraded to UHD in 2018. This OB can be configured in UHD or HD based on clients requirments.

Item Description Item Description
Cameras_Icon Cameras
Up to 30 Grass Valley LDX86N or LDX82 cameras.
Up to 8 radio camera channels, including Vislink and Cobham wireless equipment.
HDC3300 Supermotion Channels available
UHD – Fujinon UHD lenses to include 107:1, 24:1, 14:1A wide variety of HD lenses are available: 11:1 wide angle, 14:1, 21:1, 33:1, 62:1, 70:1, 72:1, 76:1,88:,99:1 & 101:1.
Vision Mixer
SAM Kahunna 9600 with Maverik Panel and Format Fusion  – 120 inputs  and 64 outputs. 6 ME’s.
Ample Desk and Rack space allow for easy integration of a variety of sources including Aston 3D and VizRt
Evertz_Router_Icon Router
Evertz EQX 3G Hybrid Router
576 inputs and 1152 outputs.
Madi inputs and outputs which interface to the Studer Vista 9,  AES and Analog I/O.
VSM router control system
Evertz VIP-X Multiviewers in all areas.
Full integration with UMD and Tally.
96 displays available in main production monitor wall on 24 Penta PDP-24” monitors.
Audio_Icon Audio
Studer Vista 9 audio console.
D21 and Compact stage boxes available as required.
Spot-On audio playback device on board.
Choice of Glensound and Prospect commentary units.
Up to 12 EVS XT3s.
EVS X-file & IP Director.
Operating positions for 16 VT operators
Riedel Artist 128 port talkback matrix with a variety of panels in operational areas
4 Duplex Radio Talkback channels
Remote Desk top panels as required
Systembase and Glensound ISDN codecs
Glensound TBU’s.
 OB8_External1 Dimensions
Length 16.8 metres Height 4 metres Width 5.5 metres expanded.
Production room offering 3 desks is over 200 square feet.
VT has 2 desks and is over 230 square feet

Power Requirements

2 x 125 amp 3 phase feeds

  OB8 Production Monitor Wall Layout
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