OB9 is a non expanding rigid OB unit, ideally suited for events where parking areas may be restricted.

Item Description Item Description
Cameras_Icon Cameras
Up to 10 Grass Valley LDX 6000 camera channels.
Up to 2 radio camera channels, including Vislink and Cobham wireless equipment.
Supermotion Channels available
A wide variety of lenses are available: 11:1 wide angle, 14:1, 21:1, 33:1, 62:1, 70:1, 72:1, 76:1,88:,99:1 & 101:1.
Vision Mixer
Grass Valley Kayak 3/ME switcher with 4 keys per ME. DD35 control panel.
2 Channels of DVE
Ample Desk and Rack space allow for easy integration of a variety of sources including Aston 7 and VizRt
Grass Valley Trinix 256 Frame
160 inputs and 90 outputs
Analog Audio router 32 x 32 stereo
Grass Valley Jupiter control system
Barco CRT monitors in Production.
Full integration with UMD and Tally with TSL Tallyman UMD’s.
32 monitors in main Production wall.
Audio_Icon Audio
Calrec S2 Audio Console.
Roland Snake Audio stage boxes.
360 systems shortcut audio playback device.
Choice of Glensound and Prospect commentary units.
?? channels of record and ?? playback
Up to 2 Grass Valley Summit Servers.
Dyno controllers
Operating positions for 3 VT operators
Telex Adan 64 port talkback matrix with a variety of panels in operational areas
3 Duplex Radio Talkback channels
Remote intercom panels as required
Systembase and Glensound ISDN codecs
Glensound TBU’s.
OB9_Exterior Dimensions
Length 12 metres Height 4 metres Width 2.5 metres.
  Power Requirements1 x 125 amp 3 phase feed  

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