Jimmy Jib
The easily transported Stanton Jimmy Jib III is available with any of the OB’s and can also be hired for ENG or film shoots, with our experienced operator Fionn Mac Giolla Chuda.
The jib comes complete with full remote control facilities for Canon & Fujinon lenses, monitors and power adaptors.

Fibre Optic
All of our OB facilities can be enhanced with the addition of our Telecast Fibre based systems.
These allow the bi-directional transmission of multiple audio and video channels over distances of many kilometres.

Microwave Links
Our Microwave links including Telecast, Bluebell and Studer, offer excellent flexibility, allow the transmission of video and stereo audio over distances of many kilometres.
In addition, our innovative handheld digital radio cameras work brilliantly, both inside and outside.

Satellite Downlinks
TVM can provide a comprehensive range of satellite downlink facilities for video conferencing, corporate events and product launches.

Radio Cameras
Long range and immediate accessibility to where the action is happening! We can provide radio cameras including Gigawave D-cams and Link-XP.
Not only that, we also provide 4-wheel drive access vehicles

Audio Equipment
We have a large stock of Sennheiser Radio Mics and IEM’s, BSS Mark II Microphone splitters,
and a large selection of Sennheiser Audio Technica, Beyer Electrovoice, and Shure microphones.
We also have some small audio mixers suitable for small PA jobs.

Car Set
We can hire a PA system suitable for mounting on a car or van

Portable PA
A PA System in a box! Speaker, external inputs, radio mic and full control of all outputs in a single box solution with pull along handle and wheels.