Length 7.5 metres, Height 3.8 metres, Width 3.1 metres. (inc deployed steps).



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Tech Specs


  • Up to 6 Grass Valley LDX86n 4K cameras on SMPTE
  • 2 x DTC Radio cameras
  • Super motion Channels available


A wide variety of lenses are available: 11:1, 14:1, 21:1, 33:1, 62:1, 70:1, 72:1, 76:1, 88:1 ,99:1, 101:1 & 107:1

Vision Mixer

2 M/E HVS-2000 vision mixer, 24 in-16 out 4 x 2.5DVE, Macro driven MAV moves


Ample Desk and Rack space allow for easy integration of a variety of sources including VizRt


Ross 64 x 64 Ultrix router with 128 Channel Madi and 4 Multiviewer Heads

2 Routing Panels (1 dedicated to Engineering and 1 dedicated to VT)

1 Touchscreen Panel for General Switching use.


Full integration with UMD and Tally.
42” monitors in main Production wall with Dedicated Vision Mixer Multiview.

Fully routable Multiviewers available in Engineering, VT and Graphics positions.



  • Behringer X32 ch mixer with automated motorized faders with additional 32 Input & Output Dante Channels
  • Mamba 48 Ch MADI interface fully routable from the main router.
  • Tascam 16ch I/O DANTE interface
  • Triggerplay audio playback device.
  • CTP commentary units with full remote control and 8 Channel Dante


  • Simply Live 16ch replay system with both touchscreen and fully remote replay control on VT Position
  • Additional VT Client Touchscreen available at the Directors Position.
  • Option to fit EVS & BLT systems
  • Recording onto removable drives and onto XDCam, KiPro, Hyperdecks and also direct to USB
  • Dedicated Routing Panel for all VT Inputs including Panic Records.


  • Riedel Artist intercom system
  • Talkback Panels at all operating positions within the truck
  • Bolero beltpacks
  • Bluebell remote fiber stage boxes
  • 2 Duplex Radio Talkback Channels


Length 7.5 metres, Height 3.8 metres, Width 3.1 metres. (inc deployed steps)

Power Requirements

1 x 32A single phase supply (typical draw is 12 Amps) On-board UPS capable of 100 minutes of run time fully loaded